Thanks to Stay Smart Online, we received notification of a new tax refund scam email that has been seen in the "wild".

Its tax time and these and other similar emails will likely be doing the rounds on a regular basis promising a tax refund you didn't know about.

The subject contains "Important information regarding your account" and contains a link to a fake myGov page asking you to enter your information to receive a refund.

Fake myGov Tax Refund email
Represents a screenshot of the email seen in the wild so far.
(Source: Stay Smart Online)

If you fell victim and entered your information into the below they would have your myGov details and your credit card information which could be used to steal your identity and credit card fraud. The ATO and myGov would never email or SMS you asking you to click on a link, confirm personal or financial information, download files or open an attachment.

Fake myGov Website
Represents what you would see if you clicked on the link in the above email. (Source: Stay Smart Online)

So what can you do to ensure you don't fall victim?

  • Be suspicious of emails such as this where you are required to confirm your details or you receive notification out of the blue. Also checking the sender email matches who its actually supposed to have come from.
  • Always check the link in emails by hovering your mouse pointer over them and verify its going to where it should be. If it doesn't match the source of the email don't click on it.
  • Ensure passwords are completely different, preferably randomly generated and stored in password databases secured with a memorable 30 (or more) character phrase that only you know and don't write down or share with anyone.
  • Train staff regularly with Cyber Security Awareness training so they are less likely to fall victim to social engineering such as the above email scam/phishing attacks.
  • Look into pro actively monitoring the dark web for credential exposure so you can get that password changed before a hacker can use it.

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