Co-Managed Cyber Security Services for Perth Professional Services Firms

Co-managed Cyber Security, is a customised set of ongoing cyber security services, support and tools we offer to professional services firms with I.T. departments to help “co-manage” all aspects of cyber security. It enables your I.T. team to be more effective and efficient, giving you greater peace of mind, and protections against downtime, cybercrime, ransomware and I.T.-related compliance violations.

It is NOT about taking over your I.T. leader’s job or replacing your entire I.T. department.

It is NOT a one-off project-based relationship where an I.T. company would limit their support to an “event” and then leave your team behind to try and support the cyber security protections setup as part of that project.

It IS a flexible partnership where we customise a set of ongoing cyber security services specific to the needs of your I.T. person or department that fills in the gaps and helps them support the needs of your organisation.

Here are just a few of the reasons why growing firms are moving to a co-managed cyber security approach:

  • You don’t have to add to your head count. Finding, hiring and retaining TOP talent is brutally difficult and expensive in today’s market. With co-managed cyber security services, you don’t have the cost, overhead or difficulty in staffing a large cyber security team. We don’t take holidays or sick leave. You won’t lose us to maternity leave or an illness, or because we have to relocate with our spouse or we’ve found a better job. You can flex the support you need as your firm’s needs change.
  • You have instant access to “0-0-0” emergency on-site cyber security support. In the event you suffered a cyber-attack or hacking disaster, we could instantly step up to provide guidance and prevent the wheels from falling off.
  • You get a TEAM of smart, experienced cyber security pros. Because you’re a co-managed cyber security services client, your I.T. director or manager will have access to a deep bench of expertise to figure out the best solution to a cyber security problem, to get advice on a situation or error they’ve never encountered before and to help decide what technologies are most appropriate for you (without having to do the work of investigating them ALL).
  • You’ll stop worrying (or worry less!) about falling victim to ransomware, a cyber-attack, outage or data-erasing event. We can assist your I.T. leader in implementing next-gen cyber security protections to prevent or significantly mitigate the damages of a ransomware attack or security breach. We can also assist in providing end-user awareness training and help you initiate controls to prevent employees from doing things that would compromise the security and integrity of your network and data. Critical proactive maintenance will actually get done!
  • NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS. We’re a flexible workforce you can expand and contract as needed.

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