Issues Resolved Promptly, Without Fuss And I Am Treated With Respect

One of the biggest benefits since I have started working with My Info Tech Partner is any issues are resolved promptly and without fuss. I consider myself quite technically savvy and have had issues in the past with other IT companies speaking down to me, like I don’t know what I am talking about.

I would recommend them to anyone who is sick and tired of not being treated with respect from their current IT company.

Mel Campion Former Practice Manager
Silkman Austen Brown Lawyers

Reliable, Skilled And Delivers Service In A Timely Manner

We partnered with My Info Tech Partner on a few projects. The most recent project was the infrastructure upgrade. They take the time to understand the requirements and provide a complete solution.

They are reliable, skilled, and deliver service in a timely manner. We can recommend them for your next IT project.

Navinesh Chand Network Administrator
Munro Leys Lawyers

Gives Me Peace of Mind with Personalised Services and Always Accessible

The biggest benefit we’ve had since working with My Info Tech Partner is the Peace of Mind that someone is managing our IT, keeping us safe leaving us problem free. This combined with their calm and professional approach lets us know everything is in hand and I can concentrate on running my business.

If you’re are sitting on the fence and wondering why should I choose My Info Tech Partner? It’s simple, they offer personalised services and are always accessible.

Dani Van Schelven Dani Van Schelven Director
Hot Books 2.0

Reliable, Saves Us Money And Takes All Your IT Worries Away

The biggest benefit we’ve had since working with My Info Tech Partner is they are reliable in delivering the services we need. This combined with their proactive approach helps resolve small issues before they turn into big expensive problems, saving us money.

If you’re are sitting on the fence and wondering why should I choose My Info Tech Partner? It’s simple, they take all your IT worries away.


Marius Wieczorek General Manager

Quick Resolution and Unheard of Customer Service!

After two attempts from other providers we called in My Info Tech Partner. [They] quickly identified and resolved the problems, installed the new modem. [They] also looked for and resolved a number of other errors and an industry first – [they] followed up to ensure everything was operational after 48 hours.

Clyde Hudson Clyde Hudson Director
Clyde Hudson and Associates

Saves us Time and Money, Unheard-of Communication for an IT Firm and Highly Recommended

Operating a Real Estate office, this system has saved us time and money on countless occasions. We rely on having access to historical records to help resolve disputes and the day to day operation of the practice. My Info Tech Partner are extremely prompt and thorough with their services as well as being friendly, approachable and very communicative – not something that you find often with IT companies! I would highly recommend My Info Tech Partner and an email archiving solution to any practice.

Chelsea Bruhn Director/Licensee
Peter Bruhn and Associates

Punctual, Resolved Quickly and Highly Recommended

My Info Tech Partner were very good, [they] arrived at the specified time and took no time at all to analyse the problem and rectify it. I would highly recommend [them] for your computing problems.

Lynton Vivian Owner
Hearth House Midland

Gives Me Peace Of Mind And Extremely Responsive

The biggest benefit to working with My Info Tech Partner is the peace of mind that our data is backed up and can be recovered in real time and remotely with our multiple locations. This compounded with their knowledge of our needs and their quick response time gives us great confidence moving forward.

I would recommend them to anyone that is unsure of what their options are and what the best way is to solve their unique challenges.

Colin Bloomfield J.P. Director
Destec Engineering

Proactive Advice, Peace Of Mind And Genuinely Good Service

The biggest benefit with working with My Info Tech Partner is the peace of mind that a third party is thinking about our IT Requirements and Cyber Security Issues. This combined with their proactive advice, promptly resolving our issues and offering a genuinely good service gives me the peace of mind to focus on my practice.

I would recommend them to anyone suffering from a lack of peace of mind with their current IT firm and worried about the potential damage a cyber attack could cause to their practice.

Cameron Gruber Cameron Gruber Director
Red Fox Business Solutions

Excellent Communication And Follow Up

The biggest benefit I have received since working with My Info Tech Partner is their communication and follow up. They constantly keep me up to date with progress of jobs and projects, so I know where things are at and what the fix was to the problem.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for an IT firm that is frustrated by a lack of communication and follow up.

Sarah Maguire System Administrator
Australian Marine Complex Common User Facility

Don’t Waste Time – Engage My Info Tech Partner Immediately!!!

The single biggest benefit we have since engaging with My Info Tech Partner is, they deliver a true partnership, first wanting to understand our objectives and the outcomes needed to achieve our goals. Their wholistic and future facing approach helps us shortcut challenges and deliver great outcomes for the business.

If you’re sitting on the fence about why you should use My Info Tech Partner, don’t waste time – engage My Info Tech Partner immediately!!!

Sue Paterniti Technology Lead