As your legal, accounting or financial services firm grows, so does your network and cyber security needs. Spam may begin to multiply and your network will become more vulnerable to attacks such as phishing, spear phishing and malware.

Why You Need A Great Email Security System?

  • Email is the number 1 entry point spammers, hackers and cybercriminals use to gain access to your firm.
  • 90% of successful hacking attempts and data breaches start with a phishing email.
  • In 2020, 76% of businesses reported being a victim of a phishing attack.
  • According to Webroot, 1,500,000 new phishing sites are created each MONTH making it more likely that you and your firm will be targeted at some point within the next couple of years.
  • There are over 15,000,000,000 email addresses listed for sale on the Dark Web, which means your information is already out there, making you a bigger target.
  • Naturally and it goes without saying, one where an attacker can purchase your email address and send you a targeted spear phishing email specific to you the practice manager, principal, partner or director of the firm.
  • Alternatively, they may impersonate you, to trick one of your team into releasing highly sensitive information or their passwords.
  • A new phishing site is launching once every 20 seconds or 3 new ones in a minute.

To prevent infringement upon your extremely sensitive client information, protecting your reputation and livelihood you will need a great e-mail system and an exceptional email security and spam protection along with our layered cyber security services. Our e-mail service, email security and spam protection service can help address one of those layers.

When you sign up with My Info Tech Partner's services today, you can expect a system that will:

  • Guarantee absolute security– Not only do we stop viruses, worms, and malware before it gets to your inbox, we'll encrypt all of your e-mail data to protect from additional online threats.
  • Give you control– Our new system will make sure to make it clear who is accountable for any irresponsible actions.
  • Make searching a cinch– With My Info Tech Partner's easy to understand indexing system, you won't ever spend unnecessary time looking for an essential e-mail.

Email security, Spam protection and reliable e-mail services are essential to any legal, accounting or financial services practice in Perth. To get the right service that's suited to your firms’ unique requirements, call today on 08 6244 2556 or submit the form on this page, for a FREE 30-day trial of our email security and email spam solution.

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