Recently a client contacted us wanting to know why Microsoft was trying to “bill them direct” for Microsoft or Office 365 when they were paying us for the privilege. Reviewing the email, it was clear that this was a scam/fake that was designed to get your Microsoft or Office 365 username and password as well as your credit card details.

The email was well crafted and for all intents and purposes looks as though it was sent by Microsoft. Naturally, you wouldn’t fall victim, but it never hurts to refresh your memory on some tell tale signs to be on the lookout for.

  • Email was from a “” domain, this is the default Office 365 domain and Microsoft don’t send emails from here.
  • The email address is a series of [email protected].
  • The link appears legitimate when you look at what is showing in the email but when you hover your mouse over the link its redirecting to a website which they tried to hide.
  • Adding of the “This message is from a trusted sender in a green bar” is a nice touch to try and lure you in to thinking its real.

For more information on the 7 signs to look out for, read this recent article titled “How This One Thing Could Wreck Your Reputation, Family’s Livelihood And Entire Firm Or Business In One Click” which you can get access to by clicking here.


So how can you stay safe and not fall victim to these dirty tricks hackers use?

  • Stop, take a few deep breaths and ask someone else if its legitimate like our client did. It is better to be safe than sorry. We’d be happy to provide an independent viewpoint, just call us or submit your details via our contact us page here.
  • Obviously, you want to partner with an IT Services or IT Support company with extensive cyber security experience that implements on going cyber security services to ensure the protection of your reputation, your family’s livelihood and ultimately your firm or business.
  • You naturally, want this cyber security, IT services or IT support company to practice what they preach or be someone who eats their own cooking. This way you can ensure you will not being falling victim to a cyber-attack, which could destroy your reputation and family’s livelihood, due to their gross negligence. I can’t think of anything worse than having your professional services firm, your reputation and family’s livelihood destroyed by someone else’s gross negligence.
  • Ultimately you want to have a defence in depth strategy with your protections and ensure there are multiple layers in place like the layers in a castle, we are happy to provide a third-party independent assessment of your system to give you peace of mind that your reputation and family’s livelihood are not at risk.

Would it be ridiculous of me to ask when does it become irresponsible to continue to stick your head in the sand and “hope” for the best from your current IT service provider?

My Info Tech Partner is a trusted IT Services and IT Support provider in Perth that specialises in protecting reputations and family’s livelihoods with advanced cyber security services for legal, accounting and financial services firms and is the only one that offers a “Never Pay the Ransom” $10,000 Guarantee.

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