What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services involves an IT company installing software on your professional services firm computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, Android devices and Servers to manage the device and ensure its operating effectively. They should also be monitoring your backups to give you peace of mind that your data is being backed up and at a minimum be recommending that your backups are off-site on to secure cloud storage located in Australia to ensure you have access to your data in the absolute worst case scenario.

As part of this they charge you a monthly fee to maintain your professional services firm information technology environment and they generally provide you a “helpdesk” where you can call them and they will fix issues remotely without having to wait for an engineer to be able to attend your office.

Why You Should Demand It from Your Perth IT Services Company?

Your firm is probably going well however every time you or your staff have a computer problem you have to call out your IT company. Each time you call they tell you they need to come on-site to fix the problem. At times, they may be able to send someone straight away, but mostly there will be a delay from when you make the request, to when an engineer arrives on site to fix the issue.

Right there your immediately up for travel time both way plus the amount of time it takes to resolve the problem. Depending on their hourly rate charge to fix the issue and the number of computer issues you have per month this can add up very quickly.

This doesn’t even include the lost productivity of your staff not being able to complete their work.

Managed IT services provides the ability to get support for a monthly fee that is delivered remotely.

The benefits you get from this are:

  • Quick response times to your IT issues
  • Proactive support and recommendations that will boost your bottom line
  • Increase in staff productivity due to less computer problems
  • Peace of mind leaving you to work on your professional services firm
  • Being able to budget for your IT Support costs