Relocating your firm’s office can be a very stressful experience for most people. However, if you are properly prepared and have planned accordingly, you can reduce the stress and headaches significantly.

Some of the Questions You Need to Ask Yourself;

  • Does your new location require a full fit-out, or is it already in the office configuration you want, ready for you to move straight in?
  • If the fit-out suits your requirements, have you confirmed whether the data and telephone points are located where you want the desks to go?
  • If you need a full fit-out, have you considered engaging a project manager to take care of organising the required trades to complete the work on and on budget?
  • Are the necessary services for internet and telephone in place, or is it going to cost you significant capital and operational expenditure to get them in place?

Your stress levels may have shot through the roof after reading and thinking about the above points. I don’t blame you; whether you’re moving office or house, it isn’t always a fun experience.

So, what can you do to minimise the stress and headaches?

  • The age old 6 P Principal: Plan, Plan, Plan and then plan some more. Ideally, you want to start planning things 12 months in advance to ensure you meet your move out/move in deadlines.
  • Before thinking of moving: Check with your IT Support company that the required phone and internet services are available, and you’re not going to experience a massive increase to the budget.
  • Engage a Project Manager: As we mentioned above its best to engage a project manager to organise all the different trades as well as professional services firms and/or removalists to assist in getting you up and running smoothly.
  • Engage your IT Company or Internal IT Team and Data Cablers: Get your IT Company/Team and Data Cablers in contact with the Project Manager ASAP and have them report to them on where things are at from an Information Technology, Internet, Phone, Telecommunications point of view. They will be required to advise on certain parts of the project early on, but most of their involvement comes later.
  • Ensure your Telephone and Internet Services are active before moving: Make sure telephones and Internet are active before moving. Time and time again, I've seen businesses left unable to operate because these things were not checked prior to them moving.