Did Your Current Phone System Let You Down During The Work From Home Lockdown?

  • Were you completely frustrated by an inability to transfer calls received from customers, clients and prospects during the recent or ongoing work from home lockdown?
  • Was your only option to forward your main phone number to a team member’s mobile phone and have them take all calls and forward messages on.
  • Are you looking for flexibility moving forward to allow you and your team the ability to work from Anywhere Anytime and still be able to answer the phone?
  • Would you like to increase productivity for your team?
  • Would you like to save money on your ongoing phone bill plus uncover hidden savings in your firm?

In one recent example, changing to this system would have led to a saving of $2,353.56 over the course of one (1) year off their ongoing phone bill. Over the course of three (3) years this is a saving of $7060.68.

This doesn’t include other potential savings including;

  • Being able to reduce your office space, therefore reducing your monthly rent.
  • Attracting and keeping the right talent to your firm.
  • Retaining existing clients or customers by correct call handing.
  • Not missing out on new business because your calls were handled in the right way.

My Info Tech Partner has a solution that can provide all the above and more!

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Saves us Time and Money, Unheard-of Communication for an IT Firm and Highly Recommended

Operating a Real Estate office, this system has saved us time and money on countless occasions. We rely on having access to historical records to help resolve disputes and the day to day operation of the practice. My Info Tech Partner are extremely prompt and thorough with their services as well as being friendly, approachable and very communicative – not something that you find often with IT companies! I would highly recommend My Info Tech Partner and an email archiving solution to any practice.

Chelsea Bruhn Director/Licensee
Peter Bruhn and Associates