I’m sure if you’re like most people you thought we were behind the snap lockdowns, at least here in Perth and Western Australia. After just exiting another, our second one in the last 3 months, its now to time to reflect and make sure your IT, phone services and overall technology systems are correctly setup and secure from hackers and nation state actors.

For many professional services partners, directors and your fee earners and support workers you need to be able to talk with clients. Yes, you have email, however some things are best explained in a conversation and email can easily be misinterpreted.

Further, you want to deliver a professional image to the marketplace, and you can’t achieve this by having one person answer the phones on their mobile, taking messages and then forwarding to the end recipient. Or worse, perhaps you have it going straight to voicemail, and then someone retrieving these messages after the fact.

In today’s modern world, people need instant gratification, and if they can’t get hold of someone, or it goes to voicemail, this can be the cause of you losing clients or customers. Further, it can cause you to be unable to win new business from prospective clients. In my conversations with many of you, most of your new business starts with a phone call.

Can you confidently say the impression you leave on your clients, customers and prospective clients or customers will allow you to survive and thrive?

So how do you fix this?

Last year I decided to move our phone services to a hosted cloud platform provider. I did this for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest benefits is the portability of where work can be done. This then

  • Allows myself and my team to in essence work from anywhere and provide a professional level of service.
  • Allows me to attract talent from outside my local geographic marketplace here in Perth.
  • Allows me and my team to continue serving clients, no matter what a government, or third party throws at us.
  • Allows me and my team to gain productivity enhancements by integrating with third party cloud platforms that we use.

Now yes, this does directly cost more, than an older telephone system you may have now. However, the direct costs are far outweighed by the “indirect” benefits mentioned above. When weighing up the cost of something you need to consider the following.

  • What will it cost me and my team in time to either try and work out the solution myself or try and configure the solution myself?
  • What will it cost me, my team and the firm in lost productivity if the system or solution is unable to deliver as promised?
  • What will it cost me in downtime, wages, lost revenue and what negative affect to revenue and the bottom line will this have?

After you have weighed these up then consider the upside and investment you could receive.

  • What benefits do I and my team get from concentrating on our strengths and not trying to figure out things we are not strong in?
  • If we have a stable and secure system what is the potential positive affect to revenue and the bottom line?
  • What could I use the positive affects to further re-invest into the firm to grow more?

You want to view your IT, phone services, Cyber security protections and overall technology platform as an investment into your professional services firm. One thing you may not be aware of is the return on investment in your professional services firm can produce 200% to 300%. A really good return on investment in the stock market is between 6% and 8% per annum. Naturally, the investment in your professional services firm is the winning strategy. As a professional services partner or director, you must learn to think, make decisions and act as an INVESTOR if you truly want to get ahead, understanding the value of time. Especially your own.

Combine robust IT, phone services and cyber security solutions and secure the future of your professional services firm today.

Book a free initial consultation and let us show you

  • How we deliver you enhanced peace of mind.
  • How we can increase your team’s productivity.
  • How we protect your personal and professional reputation as well as your livelihood.
  • How to ensure you do not suffer the devastating consequences of a cyber-attack and we guarantee it.
  • How to be a hero to your clients.
  • How to get that return on investment you deserve from your professional services firm.