What is scarier than the bogeyman it services perth it support perth cyber security perthI know you are really busy and don't have time for this right now. I know it seems like almost daily you're getting bombarded with things you must know or things you must do. I too have felt the same way. Being a business owner or business manager, your responsibilities are endless and sometimes you feel like putting your head in the sand or quitting.

You’re either busy with your family duties, practicing your profession, finding more client work from existing clients, finding new clients or trying to find good employees to help you get the client work done.

Unfortunately, one of the common issues on the Dark Web – whether you use it, or are aware of it or not – is the sale of passwords, bank account information, tax file numbers, drivers licenses, passports, other identity numbers, and other private data. Along with this there is also other criminal activity such as drugs, money laundering and people trafficking.

Hackers can breach firewalls, systems and software to obtain this information and then go to the Dark Web to sell it to other criminals. Most ransomware cases now involve your data being stolen being and offered up for sale on the dark web if the ransom is not paid. This ensures the cyber criminals get their payday, no matter if you decide to just restore from backup.

At a minimum, antivirus on “steroids” protection, combined with multiple other layers of protection, is a practice to use for your professional services firm or business.  This will ensure protections are put in place on your network that will be on the lookout for viruses, ransomware and other malicious software that could cause damage to your reputation and family’s livelihood.

There are 3 other key practices to implement to protect your reputation and family’s livelihood:

1. Keep your eye out for strange or scam emails.

What this means is even if you receive an email from someone or a company you know, check the email address, look for signs of poor grammar or spelling, and tread carefully before clicking any links.  If you get something saying your account is suspended, or to keep the same password and to click to verify. Stop, take a few breaths and go straight to the official site via normal channels and check it that way. Naturally, looking over our historical blog articles, will naturally, provide you with helpful tips on how to spot these nasty emails that are looking to damage your reputation and family’s livelihood.

2. Pay attention to data breaches.

An easy way to do this is to subscribe to online newsletters, such as Data Breach Today.  This way you’ll be regularly alerted if a large company gets hacked.  You’ll also want to keep a close eye on bank statements and credit card usage to make sure you don’t notice any fraudulent charges or items you never purchased.

3. Choose unique and hard to guess passwords.

As easy as it is for you to remember the same password for every account and device, imagine what happens to your data the second a hacker figures that one out.  Choose the strong passwords assigned by your phone or computer. Alternatively, and better yet, use a password tool that generates strong passwords and allows you to store them, so you don’t have to remember them. Don’t share your passwords with others and don’t use identifying information when selecting them such as your kids or spouses name or birthdays.

While you might do everything in your power to prevent your data being stolen, you’ll want to have round the clock monitoring solutions in place.  We have multiple service plans available, depending on your budget.

Schedule a 15-minute initial consultation to see the cyber security protections we offer and determine if your information is already available on the Dark Web. Call us on 08 6244 2556 or visit www.myinfotechpartner.com.au/initialconsult/.

Would it be inconsiderate to ask when does it become irresponsible to not invest in yourself and your team with the right services to protect your reputation and family’s livelihood?

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