Cyber Security Services PerthSo, I believe by now most of you are likely to be fairly familiar with what IT services are. That is unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 30 years and have never touched a computer in that time. In case you’re unaware, outsourced IT services is where you engage an external tech support company to help you implement and maintain technology solutions to allow you to focus on your strengths.

In general terms outsourced cyber security services is where you have an agreement in place with an IT services company, managed IT services provider or managed security service provider. They ensure that your IT systems are working, you are being protected around the clock 24x7x365 from hackers, cybercriminals and nation state actors. This is achieved by them employing a multi-layered security approach like the layers in a castle. If one of the layers fails, there is another and another in place to protect you. Most of this is now generally done remotely and doesn’t require an on the ground presence.

They should also be meeting with you regularly, at an absolute minimum, once a quarter, to review the protections they have put in place and make sure they are still adequate in the rapidly and exponentially changing cyber security space. They can also review your professional services firm goals which will make sure that the technology solutions you are running are going to help get you to the goals you’ve set for your Perth professional services firm.

With the rapidly escalating amount of ransom being demanded in ransomware cases, which is now an average of US $850,000 you can’t afford to not have round the clock security monitoring. It is the only way to detect if your other layers have failed and allows an immediate response to stop the bleeding or damage. Naturally, their tactics have changed, and they now release your highly confidential and sensitive data on the internet when you don’t pay the ransom. It goes without saying, they may then sell that information to your competitors or just anyone who thinks its valuable.

You do not want to be having “that conversation” with your clients, about how you let their highly sensitive and personal information be aired like dirty laundry.

As a professional services firm partner, director, or principal you need to understand the value of your reputation as well as time and why it’s better to engage with an outsourced IT services company who provides extensive cyber security services and has extensive cyber security experience. What your time is worth, in a direct billable sense, is far more than what it would cost you to outsource your firm’s IT support and cyber security requirements.

Do you also try and do your firms own taxes at tax time or do you work with a specialist accounting firm who knows the tax system? What about fixing your own car when you have mechanical issues or a breakdown? I know I used to try and do this, but I realised I’m just not very good at fixing my car and it’s better to let a professional take care of it.

About 3 years ago now I made a decision, where I didn’t follow the above decision-making tree, and it haunts me to this day. I was evaluating a new technology platform to help me grow my business and could not get past the upfront cost of the service and thought I could do it better with a cheaper “solution”. After investing hundreds of hours of my time trying to make this cheaper “solution” work it just wouldn’t deliver what I needed. I then went back and signed up with the more “expensive” solution provider 3 months later with all that time I wasted. This is what you really need to consider. Even though this solution costs more, it saves me and my team so much time and that is the most valuable commodity, you don’t get any more of it. I’m happy to say this taught me a very valuable lesson.

Start thinking about your technology systems and Cyber security solutions as an investment into your Perth professional services firm. One thing you may not be aware of is the return on investment in your professional services firm can produce 100% to 200%. A great return on investment in the stock market is between 6% and 8% per annum. Naturally, the investment in your professional services firm is the winning strategy.

As a professional services partner, principal or director, you must learn to think, make decisions and act as an INVESTOR if you truly want to get ahead, understanding the value of time. Especially your own.

Combine robust technology systems, with excellent IT services and cyber security services and secure the future of your Perth professional services firm today.

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