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5 Critical Facts Every Practice Manager, Partner or Director Must Know Before Moving Their Network To The Cloud

If You Are Considering Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps Or Some Other Cloud-Based Computing For Your Firm, Don't Do Anything Until You Read This Important Free Executive Brief.

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The unvarnished truth about the pros and cons of cloud computing, as well as common cloud migration "gotchas" that could cost you dearly in time, money and aggravation unless properly planned in advance.


Straight forward answers to commonly asked questions Practice Managers, Partners and Directors have about cost control, data security, the Internet going down, performance and what to expect during the migration process.


Revealing questions to ask your IT consultant or cloud company BEFORE signing their contract that will reveal if they truly know what they are doing and are experienced enough to handle your network upgrade or migration to the cloud.

My Info Tech Partner is a trusted Microsoft Partner specializing in IT support and solutions for small to medium professional services in the Perth area, serving companies for over 3 years. Click here to learn more about us.

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The single biggest benefit we have since engaging with My Info Tech Partner is, they deliver a true partnership, first wanting to understand our objectives and the outcomes needed to achieve our goals. Their wholistic and future facing approach helps us shortcut challenges and deliver great outcomes for the business.

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Sue Paterniti Technology Lead

Proactive Advice, Peace Of Mind And Genuinely Good Service

The biggest benefit with working with My Info Tech Partner is the peace of mind that a third party is thinking about our IT Requirements and Cyber Security Issues. This combined with their proactive advice, promptly resolving our issues and offering a genuinely good service gives me the peace of mind to focus on my practice.

I would recommend them to anyone suffering from a lack of peace of mind with their current IT firm and worried about the potential damage a cyber attack could cause to their practice.

Cameron Gruber Cameron Gruber Director
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