Protect Your Legacy eBook

How To Confidently Protect You And Your Firm From The FINES, LAWSUITS, CUSTOMER LOSS, RUINED REPUTATION & PR NIGHTMARE Resulting From A Data Breach And Cybercrime

Protect Your Family’s Livelihood, Your Reputation and Your Firm From Hackers!

I know that you have a million priorities to juggle including taking care of your family, practicing your profession, finding good team members to help you and winning more business. I also know you don’t want to think about this, and you want to “trust” your existing IT provider has you covered.

I’ve also felt similarly, running my own business and I know the challenges you face. Over my journey I’ve also learnt there is nothing more expensive than the wrong advice. I’ve fallen for this trap more times than I would like to admit.

At any moment, your family, your reputation and your firm could go from thriving to barely surviving! That’s because cybercriminals today stop at nothing to target businesses JUST LIKE YOURS. Even if you THINK your current IT “guy” or IT services company are protecting your family’s livelihood, your reputation and that your private data is safe. Hackers, cybercriminals and nation state actors are plotting their next attack that could cost you and your family, massive amounts of lost time, reputation damage, stress, anxiety, considerable money and even your best clients.

Fortunately for you, this book presents you with actionable steps that I’ve learnt over my journey, that will shortcut what you need, to protect your family’s livelihood, your reputation, your assets and your firm from the extreme negative emotional and monetary effects of cybercrime!

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Cybersecurity risk is one of the major challenges affecting businesses today. This book provides you with a really easy to read, practical guide to understanding and minimising the risk.

John Poulsen Principal
People Passion Performance

It’s worth 1 million times it’s weight in gold, and I believe that it’s not if, but when, it will have saved me from an attack.

Glenn Barnett Principal
GJ Barnett and Associates

Aaron has written a book that every person can read and understand. I highly recommend everyone in business and who use computers to read his book.

Joanne Austen Brown Author and former law firm practice manager

As technology and IP lawyers we know the importance of protecting your data and the impact of cyber security threats. I highly recommend Protect Your Legacy to every business owner small or large.

Juan Perez Principal Lawyer
Quest Legal