Protect Your Legacy

How To Confidently Protect You And Your Firm From The FINES, LAWSUITS, CUSTOMER LOSS, RUINED REPUTATION & PR NIGHTMARE Resulting From A Data Breach And Cybercrime

Protect Your Business and Assets from Hackers!

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  • FREE Access to an Australian privacy act compliant privacy policy, valued at $237.
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When this 100% confidential Cyber Insurance Readiness Consultation is complete, you will know:

  • IF you are at risk of a MULTI MILLION DOLLAR LOSS, massive damage to your reputation and your family's livelihood.
  • IF you can get or renew an existing cyber liability insurance policy (The insurance companies are putting in stricter and stricter application processes that can mean you’ll be denied coverage or forced to implement additional security measures).
  • IF your insurer would pay a claim when you have one (Many claims are denied due to incorrect information supplied on the application forms and only being discovered after an incident).
  • IF your IT systems and data are truly secured from hackers, cybercriminals, viruses, worms and even sabotage by rogue employees.
  • IF your current IT and security systems would prevent or mitigate the damage of a ransomware attack – 99% of the computer networks we’ve reviewed would NOT survive a ransomware attack.
  • IF your IT systems, backup and data handling meet strict compliance requirements for data protection.

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Cybersecurity risk is one of the major challenges affecting businesses today. This book provides you with a really easy to read, practical guide to understanding and minimising the risk.

John Poulsen Principal
People Passion Performance

Aaron has written a book that every person can read and understand. I highly recommend everyone in business and who use computers to read his book.

Joanne Austen Brown Author and former law firm practice manager

It’s worth 1 million times it’s weight in gold, and I believe that it’s not if, but when, it will have saved me from an attack.

Glenn Barnett Principal
GJ Barnett and Associates

As technology and IP lawyers we know the importance of protecting your data and the impact of cyber security threats. I highly recommend Protect Your Legacy to every business owner small or large.

Juan Perez Principal Lawyer
Quest Legal