5_things_that_should_really_scare_you_it_support_company_perthWhat if you discovered that all of the hard work, investments and time you’ve put into growing your firm or business is at risk due to a failure of your outsourced IT company?

If you were exposed to that level of risk, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you about it?

If you look through a dozen proposals from IT services firms, here’s what you’ll quickly discover: No two are alike.  This makes it nearly impossible to compare one against the other and sort through all the legalese, “geek speak” and terms to determine if you’re getting a fair price, or if you’re falling victim to a misleading proposal that will end up costing you far more than you were initially led to believe.

If you’re not careful, the “cheapest” or lesser expensive IT provider can end up costing you a lot more due to carve outs and hidden fees in their contracts that they will later dollar and cent you over.

Alternatively, and more likely, they do this by quoting inadequate technology solutions that you’ll later need to pay to upgrade or must replace entirely. When this happens, you’ve wasted the money spent therefore making it at least double as expensive than if you had just bitten the bullet to spend the increased amount up front.

Here are 5 common areas where “cheaper” IT company’s leave things out of their initial proposal to fool you into selecting them.

1. Not understanding or finding out your long-term objectives and making recommendations accordingly.

As mentioned before, if your current IT company don’t ask about what you’re trying to achieve with your firm or business and what your long-term goals are, they will likely cause you to make big expensive mistakes.

This comes from making the wrong recommendations on technology solutions that you end up paying double to sort out later.

It could be the cause of you keeping an existing client happy and retaining their business or losing them forever. Alternatively, you may fail to win a new client because your technology systems either leave the wrong impression or balls get dropped during their initial request.

2. Not communicating or meeting with you regularly to find out about changes going in your firm and how they might be able to help you solve them.

As things have shown over the last few years, things can change suddenly and without notice. Has your current IT company met with you in the last 3 months to find out how you are going with your business?

Do they provide you with valuable resources to help protect and grow your interests?

Do they communicate with you on a regular basis with resources that help you?

3. Not being proactive or responding promptly to your requests.

One of the most common areas we hear about as issues when talking with prospective clients is a lack of responsiveness from your current IT company. Not to mention no proactive steps are taken to prevent re-occurrences of ongoing frustrating issues.

Your firm or business needs fast support and every interruption you or your team have, costs you money.

This could be the deciding factor in you keeping your client or losing them.

4. Not educating or communicating risk issues to you, possibly leaving you with a multi-million dollar loss.

Risk is a critical area you need to understand, so you can take the right steps to mitigate or prevent the damage to you and your firm.

Get untimely, or the wrong advice and it could cost you your firm. Naturally, and it goes without saying, this means the current and future income it provides for you and your family.

5. NOT including comprehensive cyber security services and protections.

Finally, they may not be providing or including the right comprehensive cyber security services and protections to address the risk and help protect you.

Even if you have cyber liability insurance you may find your claim is denied without the right protections in place. Alternatively, you may be unable to renew your policy.

This puts all the costs back on you and your firm.

Now we know finding an IT company you can trust is a daunting task and want to help you by offering you a complimentary strategy session with our team. In it we’ll get to understand how you and your firm operates and what your long-term goals are.

So, if you want to ensure you don’t make big expensive mistakes with technology or suffer a significant financial loss that could be in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Then I urge you to act at once and book your FREE strategy session with our team, so we can help you avoid that. Click or tap here or call us on 08 6244 2556.

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