Three Things All Professional Services Firm With Remote Employees Must DoWhile remote working is not a new thing, the last few years have seen countless law, accounting and financial services firms as well as many companies going to a hybrid work model. According to a survey by Envoy over 77% of businesses have some full or part-time remote employees.

While this change comes with many benefits, as an equity principal, partner or director, there are three big things you need to make sure your employees are doing to keep your firm’s data secure, avoid online scams, prevent being a victim of a cyber attack which ultimately, puts your reputation, livelihood and family’s livelihood in danger.

Cyber criminals know that many of the security measures professional services firms and businesses have in place in their office instantly evaporate when employees work from home. Things like advanced firewalls which you can think of like a smart bouncer at a pub or club, secure Wi-Fi, and restricted physical access to a computer all disappear for remote workers.

According to the global security group the Institute for Security and Technology, businesses saw a 311% increase in Ransomware attacks in 2020 due to cyber criminals trying to exploit these trends. This has only increased as hybrid models have become more and more commonplace and look as though they are here to stay. Further, the average ransom demanded in the first 5 months of 2022 was at US $925,000. The average in 2021 was US $850,000. This amount doesn’t include any clean-up, restoration, or the damaged reputation you suffer.

But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Because these new models offer many benefits, it’s just important as an equity principal, partner, director or business owner to know what you need in place to keep from turning a positive into a giant catastrophe through no fault of your own.

Here are three critical things you must do if you’re allowing employees to work remotely:

  • Always On VPN for computer, tablets and mobile devices to ensure that no matter what device employees use, or where they use it, you and your data are protected.
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This is where you get a text, call or need to use an authentication app to log in to programs when your account is being used.
  • Set your computer screen to lock automatically. This is a simple measure that automatically locks your computer after it’s idle for a certain amount of time so someone can’t just jump on and access your files and programs.

Most professional services firms or small businesses aren’t doing these three basic things to keep your data and company from becoming a victim of cyber crime. They are easy to get in place and relatively inexpensive when you consider the alternative of stress, anxiety, time loss and ultimately significant money loss, potentially in the millions of dollars.

Want to know if your employees or something else is putting your reputation and livelihood at risk?

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