So you backup your data like any good practice manager or director should but where do you keep that backup? Does it sit in the same room as your server? Perhaps you have tasked a member of staff to take home a tape or USB drive every night and swap them over in the morning when they arrive in the office.

One of the biggest issues faced with backups is people forget to take them home so they have a copy offsite.

This can create a number off issues including:

  • Backup storage may not have enough capacity and therefore the previous nights backup is overwritten meaning you have lost the data from the day before should a disaster strike.
  • The data is not offsite so when a disaster strikes and your office has a natural disaster or you are attacked by hackers it is also gone along with your existing IT infrastructure.
  • A ransomware attack may find the backups and encrypt them as well as all your data, leaving you up the creek with the proverbial paddle.

The best way to overcome this is to outsource the backups for a managed backup solution. This will provide monitoring of the backups to ensure they are working, provide regular test restores of the data to ensure that yes data can actually be recovered as well as implementing secure technologies to synchronise the backups to an offsite data centre in the "cloud".

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