How Perth Area Legal Accounting Or Financial Services Professionals Can Avoid Damage To Your Reputation it support perth it services perth cyber security perthI know you are really busy and don't have time for this right now. I know it seems like almost daily you're getting bombarded with things you must know or things you must do.

I too have felt the same way. Being a business owner or business manager, your responsibilities are endless and sometimes you feel like putting your head in the sand or quitting. You’re either busy with client work or trying to find good employees to help you get the client work done.

The problem is most of you don’t stop and think what would happen if all your hard work was undone by a cyber attack and you lost everything. I know that is not something you want to think about, and you have many other priorities that are more important.

Unfortunately, I'm going to add something to your list here, however I would not be sharing this, if it was not very important for you to know now.

Just recently, another of many software bugs was announced within Microsoft Office. Unfortunately, there is no software update yet available to fix the issue. What this means to you is that someone could use this to break into your system causing you reputation damage and potentially catastrophic damage to your family’s livelihood.

Would it be inconsiderate to ask how your family would survive if you had no money?

So, what do you need to do, to stay safe and protect your reputation and family’s livelihood?

  • Be wary of email attachments coming from unknown senders, especially Microsoft word documents.
  • Be wary of supposed links to word documents from unknown or known senders using online file sharing services.
  • Apply context to emails received from known people. For example. Ask yourself Am I expecting this person to send this to me at this time?
  • If you're unsure of an email reach out to us and we’d be happy to help with an independent assessment.

Would it be a ridiculous ask of me to ask you to share this blog post with your staff, and anyone else it may help, so they are aware and don't fall victim so that my company and I can deliver on our mission of protecting reputations and family’s livelihoods?

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