Resources, Support And Guidance To Transform Your Fear Into Strategic Growth And Stability

Right now, it’s a total sh#t show for business. We know you’re scared that this COVID-19 disaster is going to destroy you and your firm. You’re scared that you may lose clients. Scared that you may have to lay off members of your team. Scared that revenue will dry up. And you’re horrified that you might not get through this and have to close your firm.

That’s why we’re doing a FULL OUT effort to help you not only survive but THRIVE during these scary times – and that’s what this page is dedicated to.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be delivering to you various tools, experts and usable advice to help you PRESERVE your firm and minimise the losses occurring. Please continue to check back since we are updating these DAILY.

Now, how to think about all of this…

One of the villains in Batman is the Scarecrow. He dresses up in a Halloween costume, but underneath is a mad chemist who has manufactured a toxin that can induce intense, uncontrollable fear in a person, causing them to vividly imagine their WORST fear is upon them.

When used against an enemy, it instantly immobilises them. When deployed over an entire city, it quickly dissolves humanity into a chaotic, deranged and terrified mob that turns people against each other, with each person imagining the other to be their biggest nightmare. The Scarecrow is an average man without superpowers and abilities like other people– the only power he has is given to him by his victims.

The exact same situation is going on right now with Coronavirus. People are frozen in fear, eyes locked on the news, unable to think clearly. This may be okay for most, but for an entrepreneur responsible for leading a firm, it’s a surefire way to have a firm you’ve spent YEARS building unravel in days. Do NOT give this power over you. Do NOT make decisions out of fear.

Now more than ever, it’s critical to ACT. But first you must escape the clutches of fear and avoid making anxiety-driven decisions from a place of scarcity. NOBODY is smart when they’re spooked.

Stay safe, be alert but not alarmed and feed your mind. As one of my mentor Darren Hardy advised this morning, our health is controlled by our mind and if your mind is not healthy your body won’t be either.

Now on to the resources.