What is the Dark Web and Why Am I at Risk?
What if every one of your employee’s email address and password was exposed on the Dark Web making it easy to steal company data and you don’t even know it? 

The dark web has 90% more information than the web we work on and use on a daily basis. Data-wise, that’s 500 times bigger! 

All over the world, people are using the dark web to sell and buy drugs and counterfeit items, exchange stock market information, commit terrorism, fraud, and sell or buy stolen credentials.

When the companies like Uber, LinkedIn, and iiNet were breached, that customer information, went directly to the dark web and was sold.

We talk to small and medium sized businesses all day who don’t think they’re at risk, but having your company information exposed like this could be devastating. 

I know you think you’re just like everyone else and you don’t think that this could happen to you, but we have found that 1 in 3 small to medium sized businesses are on the dark web.

Their email addresses and passwords are out there available for anyone to take. Do you use your email password as your bank password or have your banking info sent to this email address? This can affect much more than your company.

And once you’re on the dark web, it’s only a matter of time before your sensitive information, your clients and customer information is leaked and all of a sudden, you’re out of business.

60% of businesses fail after being exposed on the dark web. 60%! 

Don’t let this happen to you! Fill out the form on this page with your name, company name, phone number and company email address and for free we’ll perform our dark web analysis to see if your company is on the dark web. 

See if your company is at RISK? Dark web analysis will be returned to you within 24hrs!

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